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My Event outside

In the evening of Monday August 3rd, we were going to play wIKAODORIx.
We started on Horikawa-cho at 7:00 pm, arrive at Goryokaku-park.
People of red happi coat, people of costume of squids, end so on...
We were forward to playing wIKAODORIx.

My Event

    Cherry Party(May, 2008)
    The Festival of Vega(July, 2008)
    Respect-for-the Aged Day(September, 2008)
    Christmas(December, 2008)
    Cherry Party(May, 2009)
    The Festival of Vega(July, 2009)
    Respect-for-the Aged Day(September, 2009)

One day afternoon...

Every Thursday's afternoon, we play with inpatient easily.
drawing and munual arts, clayEEEwdrawing and manual artsxin elementary school


manual arts

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