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My Introduction


This is the entrance recepting of examination. it sees that we always deal with kindly, as stations to touch outpatient in first. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult in anytime.

doctor's office


As stations to touch outpatient, we exert ourselves for an atmosphere of peace especially.
We carry outvisiting nurse and care.Please feel free to consult in anytime.


This is the entrance take a medicine after examination. We exert ourselves to explain easily kinds of medicine and attention to take medicine and so on... Please feel free to consult in anytime.Professional Pharmacist consults you. Please feel free to consult in anytime, if you are worried about your medicine.

dispensary entrance



X-ray entrance

By the highspeed photography, we were able to be short times to stop breathing, high quality, 3D(three dimensional)
X-ray have machine, photography, Helical CT(Computerized axai Tomography), Angiography. By Helical CT, this is more efficient than old one.

Helical CT

The patient of advanced age are no longer in any pain to stop breathing hardly. Photography of the head, the chest and the abdomen takes clearly, and under we watch 3D, it takes effect to accurate checkup in your body.


This tests component for samples of blood and urine to get.


samples test room

Because you are influenced on fat, blood suger..., you may be hungry to get samples of them. You can take them safely, because they are speedy and correct. Electrocardiogram test is to record for the Heart's motion, because of timely looking at the Heart's disease(arrhythmia, myocardial, angina) It is harmless test, finishes about five minutes, please relax your mind.


Echo is the inspection to touch supersonic waves on your body, examine good or bad in your internal organs. Echo is wAbdomenxandwHeartx


This room is to nurse of ward. Always it opens the doors. Please feel free to consult in anytime when they are in the hospital before or after them. Professional staff consult you.


In ward, nurse-call, TV, locker are more eariler to use one after another. At the same time, we have refrigerator and bathroom in each room.


Sunroom to take a daylight as same as a name is used to friendship among inpatient and event in the hospital. You can meet the dietician for guidance of nutrition. You can watch Seseragi Park and Mt. Hakodate from balcony

Hospital scene

Flowers on the entrance... Goldfish
a littile metabolic symdromeH
Flower near the outpatient
change once a week.
InspectionEX-rayEEEat the
end of the corridorEEE

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