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Medical checkup getting a job

We always mean to have the medical checkup on the circumstances, medical checkup in person to get a job, medical checkup in lifestyle-related illnesses care, medical checkup mating your age for you, contents of medical checkup to be appointed by you.
Please make a appointment with your medical checkup.


¦If you are over 40 years old, we advise you to have lifestyle-related illnesses.¨here
¦¦These plan and cost started from April, 1, 2009.
¦¦¦If you have draw blood, you have been a result, as like check C ... and so on.

contentsunder 40years old
check Acheck Bcheck C
baseheight / weight›››
blood pressure›››
chest XP ››
ECG  ›
blood testwhite blood cell  ›
red blood cell  ›
hemoglobin  ›
hematocrit  ›
total cholesterol  ›
HDL  ›
triglyceride  ›
GOT  ›
GPT  ›
ƒΑ-GTP  ›
ALP  ›
sedimntation rate   
uric acid  ›
uric acid  ›
creatine  ›
serum total protein  ›
A/G  ›
ZTT  ›
blood cholesterol  ›
hemoglobin A1C  ›
Fe  ›
hepatitisHB‚“ antigen   
HCV antibody   
total‚QC‚O‚O‚O yen‚RC‚T‚O‚O yen‚WC‚O‚O‚O yen

¦Please feel free to need our advice, if you need another contents.

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